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Historical Collections

The USL’s holdings include manuscripts, music, autographs, portraits, war letters and seals as well as deeds, certificates and coats of arms.

Excerpt from the Droste-Hülshoff bequest
Droste-Hülshoff, Annette von: Die Judenbuche - Originalkonzept (Collage), [1839/40] (ULB Bonn: S 1504) © Creative Commons Gemeinfrei 1.0 International Lizenz


Most of the manuscripts currently held by the USL Bonn were originally bequests. The most important include those left by the Romance scholar and philologist Ernst Robert Curtius, the mathematician Felix Hausdorff and the philosopher Erich Rothacker.

Sheet of music from the Schumann bequest
ULB Bonn, NL Schumann 2, S. 1 © Creative Commons Gemeinfrei 1.0 International Lizenz


The music collection mainly comprises manuscripts and autographs by Clara and Robert Schumann as well as the music collections of the Silesian choirmaster Christian Benjamin Klein and Prince George of Prussia.

Occidental manuscript
ULB Bonn, S 526, fol. 125r © ULB Bonn


The USL’s manuscripts include both Western and Oriental manuscripts. Besides medieval manuscript books, it also holds a collection of manuscript fragments.

Coat of arms
ULB Bonn, Lv 1627G © ULB Bonn

Other collections

The USL Bonn also holds extensive collections of autographs, portraits, war letters, seals, deeds, certificates and coats of arms.

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