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Projects and Partnerships

Find out more about our projects and partnerships such as NS-Raubgut (items seized by the Nazi regime), the digitization of historical newspapers in NRW and the Specialized Information Service for Romance Studies.

Buchrücken Sekretierter Literatur
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This project is designed to produce the first-ever systematic review of the USL’s old holdings focusing specifically on books seized as a result of Nazi persecution. 

Historical newspapers
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Digitization of historical newspapers in NRW

The government of North Rhine-Westphalia has been funding a state-wide project to digitize its historical newspapers since 2017. 

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Specialized Information Service for Romance Studies

The Specialized Information Service for Romance Studies makes an extensive collection of specialist Romance literature available nationwide and can help you tackle the issues of research data and open access.

Luftaufnahme Campus Poppelsdorf
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Agricultural sciences as a collection focus

Based in Bonn, ZB MED – Leibniz Information Centre for Life Sciences collects international literature on content from the specialist disciplines of nutrition, the environment and agriculture with links to the natural sciences.

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More and more cultural heritage is being produced in digital form, be this as published e-books or as digital photo collections, films and sound recordings. The Digital Archive for North Rhine-Westphalia (DA NRW) is a long-term archive for digital cultural assets in particular.

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